Canoe-kayak tour “Cool” | 25 km 2 d | Le Poujol – Roquebrun

  • Public : Suited to those who have canoed before
  • Average time on the water for the two days : 8 to 9 hours
  • Booking : Necessary (Click here)
  • Departure of the shuttle bus : 9am / 12pm
  • Meeting point in Roquebrun: At least 30 minutes before departure
  • Prices: Canoe 2p. 94€ // Kayak 1p. 62€
  • Prices groups and Children: Our prices (Click here)

+33 4 67 89 52 90

Day 1: Poujol-sur-Orb – Tarassac

You gradually navigate between gravel pits and sandy beaches. The Orb takes its time, at least initially. Arrival at the Colombières dam, at the foot of the Caroux, first sensations of adrenaline, with a 30-meter toboggan!

4 kilometers later, you will see the blue and yellow suspension bridge of Tarassac, you arrive on the most maneuverable rapids. Pay attention when passing these “grid” and “mill” rapids, you will lose 10 meters in height.

300m later, the rapids of the right bank campsite could surprise you, left bank watch out for swimmers on the Tarassac campsite beach.

Those who have chosen the night in this campsite stop there (bring paddles and vests to your tent). For those who go to the bivouac still 200m to do, right bank you will pass the mouth of the Jaur, it is from the Jaur that the EDF releases come.

100m after on the left the beach of Tarassac where you bivouac.

Day 2: Tarassac – Roquebrun

On the second day, we advise you to enter the water for 9 hours at the latest, enjoy the awakening nature.

After a body of water of 200 meters, the river separates, go through the rapid on the left, on the right the rapid can be in water in case of releasing EDF… and you will end up on foot.

3 kilometers after your departure, you pass under the Drouille submersible footbridge. The mountainous landscapes, with tall green trees, give way to vineyards and olive trees, but the thread of the Orb will be punctuated by rapids.

2 kilometers later you cross the village of Vieussan passing under its bridge then its footbridge, you will see the left bank the water level scale which indicates its submersibility at a height of 5 meters of water or 600m< sup>3/s. Impressive, right?

You will admire the Gorges de Vieussan with the cliffs of Camps, a climbing site and inhabited by beautiful birds of prey. Attention drossage under the rock, respect the signage. At the exit of the Gorges, pay attention to the rapid on the left, possibility of a tie, you will see the right bank of the Razégue estate, goat breeding, respect the herds.

2km later you arrive at the village of Ceps with a first rapid to negotiate under the bridge on the left. The course becomes more bucolic but some rapids could surprise you, the rapid of Aqualand and the S followed by the rapid of the hole and its drossage!

This will take you to Roquebrun


How does it work ?

  1. Day 1: Poujol-Tarassac =>10km/ 3h on the water

The shuttle bus takes you to the departure point. First, you follow the bus with your car. In Tarassac, you leave your car at the place where you will spend the night, while the bus waits for you. This way, you can leave in your car all you need for the night and the next day. You only take for your journey what you will need during the day so that you won’t be overloaded.

  1. Day 2: Tarassac-Roquebrun=> 15km / 5h on the water

After having spent the night in Tarassac, you canoe down to Roquebrun.
Once you’ve arrived at Roquebrun with the canoe, we drive you back to your car.

Bivouac or Camping ?

In Tarassac, where you will spend the night,you have two options::

  • Bivouac – You can sleep at the departure point of the 15 km, near the river. There are dry toilets but no water nor shower.
  • Camping – You can sleep at the official camping of Tarassac, “le Claps”, located 100 meters upstream of the departure point of the 15 km. There you’ll have more facilities like traditional toilets and shower.
  • In any case, you have your car and your stuff with you.


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