Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is compulsory; you must be able to swim at least a 25 meters length and be able to dive.

Yes they can, if they are over 6 years old and if they can swim and go under water.

If the parents are beginners, we recommend starting with a 5 km tour when taking your children with you.

During summer, you won’t need more than a bathing suit or a shirt.

In spring and autumn, you need a windproof jacket and some warm tops (especially for when you stop for a break). You can rent a neoprene suit at reception.

In any case you have to wear water shoes or a pair of old sport shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.

During the day, you can stop wherever you want. Respect the private properties, fishermen and swimmers.

Don’t leave any garbage on the river.

You can fish provided you have a license.

We rather advise against doing so. But if you really want to, your dog can sit in the middle of the boat if not fasted.

Make sure your dog isn’t bothering any other person during the tour on the river or in the shuttle bus.

You will be given a waterproof storage container that you can take on the boat for your food and drinks.

The majority of our customers choose to canoe down the Orb on their own, selecting the route which most meets their level. If you choose to be accompanied by a guide (additional cost), you will acquire a better technical level and you will be guided in the rapids.

Guided tours with an instructor are compulsory for school groups, scouts or any other teenager group.

Next to our reception desk, there is a huge free parking area. Because we are located at the arrival point of the tours, you don’t have to wait when you finish the tour. You come back where you are parked.

All our tours on the Orb are located in a protected area of the Haut Languedoc. For this reason, there aren’t many facilities for shopping or eating on your way down.

There are only a few restaurants: one in Vieussan, two in Roquebrun and our snack bar “les pieds dans l’eau” at our site.

We advise you to take a picnic and something to drink that you can store in the provided containers.  You have the possibility to reserve picnic from our snack along with the canoe reservation.

For the two days tour you have two options:

  1. Le Poujol=> Roquebrun: Night in Roquebrun
  2. Le Poujol => Cessenon: Night in Vieussan

For the three days tour:

le Poujol => Cessenon: One night in Tarassac, one in Roquebrun

In any case, the meeting point is in Roquebrun. The shuttle bus takes you to the departure point. You follow the bus with your car. You leave it at the place where you will spend the night. This way, you can leave in your car all you need for the night and the next day. You take for your journey just what you will need during the day so that you won’t be overloaded.

Once you’ve arrived at Roquebrun with the canoe, we drive you back to your car.

If you go until Lugné or Cessenon, we collect you there when you arrive.
If you like a minimum of comfort, we recommend you rather stay at the Camping of Tarassac. In Roquebrun, there is no bivouacking possibility but there are several accommodations possibilities in the village.

Near to nothing. You have to foresee enough drinkable water. It’s an area at the riverside that we kindly put at your disposal for free (if you do the two days route). Since 2014, there are dry toilets. We count on every one’s good manners to leave them clean. If you need a hot shower and a traditional toilet, we rather suggest you to spend your night at the Camping of Tarassac. In this case, you should make a reservation.

Our setting near the river is at your disposal for your night stay. The village is nearby.  You will find a small shop there.

In Tarassac

  • Camping municipal (official campsite)


In Roquebrun

  • Where to eat:
    • Cave St Martin: 04 67 24 56 49
    • Oui Oui: 04 67 38 23 34
    • Snack La Guinguette
    • Restaurant le Nice
    • St Hubert


  • Where to sleep (B&B’s)
    • Gite “Le Roc de l’Estan”: 06 87 80 54 11
    • Chambres d’Hotes “La vie en Rose”: 06 14 22 69 35
    • Camping campotel gites “LE NICE”