Do we need to know how to swim?

Yes, it is essential.
You must know how to swim at least 25 meters and know how to put your head underwater.

Can we take a child?

Yes if he is over 6 years old, knows how to swim and knows how to put his head underwater .
If parents are new to the activity, we advise you to start with a 5 km route.

How should we equip ourselves?

In summer a swimsuit or shorts and t-shirt are sufficient.
In spring and autumn you should bring a windbreaker and warm clothes to wear during stops.
We offer neoprene wetsuits for rental. In all cases, water shoes or sports shoes are essential.

Can you stop anywhere in the gorges?

During the day you can choose the beach that suits you but respect private properties, fishermen and bathers, your respect will be their courtesy.
Bring back your trash.
Humorous videos on the nice gestures to adopt in the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park

Can we fish in the river?

Yes, with a permit.

Can we bring our dog?

We do not recommend it, however if you hold it your dog can occupy the middle seat in a canoe provided you do not tie it up .
It will be advisable to hold it so that it does not disturb anyone during the descent and during the bus journey.

How is our equipment transported during the descent?

We provide you with waterproof containers that you take with you in the canoe in which you place your food and drink.

Do we need to be supervised by an instructor?

For the majority of participants, the descent is carried out freely by adapting the route to their abilities.
Being accompanied by an instructor allows you to acquire a better technical level, to be guided when passing the rapids. But it's more expensive. Support is essential for schools, scouts, or other groups of adolescents.

Where will I park my car or motorbike?

In a large parking lot next to our rental office for day trips. Parking is free. We are at the arrival of the routes, so there is no waiting, you arrive at your vehicle.

Are there restaurants and hotels by the river?

The descent of the Gorges de l' Orb takes place in the Haut Languedoc nature reserve, there are not many shops.
Only a few restaurants in the villages including: one in Vieussan, two restaurants in the village of Roquebrun and a snack bar on the waterfront canoe base.
For the day it is preferable to transport picnics and drinks in waterproof containers that we lend you. It is possible to book your picnic at the same time as the canoes.

How is the descent organized over 2 or 3 days?

For the 2-day descent, two routes are offered:
Le Poujol => Roquebrun:
Night in Tarassac Le Poujol => Cessenon:
Night in Vieussan For the 3-day descent
Le Poujol => Cessenon:
Night in Tarassac then one night in Roquebrun In any case, go to Roquebrun, the shuttle will take you to the starting point of the descent.
You follow us with your car, in which you will have left your sleeping equipment, to drop it off at the bivouac site. Only the bare minimum is loaded into the boat to facilitate your navigation. When you arrive in Roquebrun, we will take you back so that you can collect your vehicle.
If you continue to Lugné or Cessenon, we will also pick you up.
For those who love comfort, there is the campsite in Tarassac. In Roquebrun, there is no bivouac location but the village has numerous accommodations near the base.

What can we find in the Tarassac bivouac area?

Not much ! Provide drinking water. It is a space along the river that we put at your disposal free of charge (for the 2-day course). Since 2014, you have had a dry toilet. We are counting on everyone's know-how to leave this place clean. Those for whom a hot shower and traditional toilets are essential, a stop at the Tarassac municipal campsite is recommended. Remember to book.

What can we find in the Vieussan bivouac area?

We provide our land so that you can camp. The village is a few steps away. You will find a small grocery store there.

What are our recommended addresses?

In Tarassac:
Municipal campsite:
In Roquebrun:
To eat:
– Cave St Martin: 04 67 24 56 49
– Yes Yes: 04 67 38 23 34
– Snack La Guinguette:
– Restaurant le Nice :
– St Hubert:
To sleep:
– Gite “Le Roc de l’Estan”: 06 87 80 54 11
– Chambres d’Hotes “La vie en Rose”: 06 14 22 69 35
– Campotel gites campsite “LE NICE”: