26 Km : Colombières – Lugné

Good to know...

⚠️ Course not available in July and August! Only available before and after the season (April, May, June, September)

If it is the first time you are doing a two-day tour, we recommend that you rather choose the tour Poujol – Roquebrun. This tour is better suited because it is more gradual.

  • Public :Suited to those who have canoed before
  • Average time on the water for the two days: From 8 to 9 hours
  • Booking : Necessary (Click here)
  • Départs navettes : 9am / 12pm
  • Meeting point in Roquebrun: At least 30 minutes before departure
  • Prices: Canoe 2p. 92€ // Kayak 1p. 62€
  • Prices groups and Children : Our prices 2016 (Click here)


The river section between Colombières and Tarassac is rather sporty.

In Tarassac, the Orb is positioned toward South as it will eventually flow into the Mediterranean Sea. On your way down, you will discover rapids, beaches and the Gorges.
You spend your night at our terrain in Vieussan.

Day 2, you canoe further toward the plain. On your way down, you will see three villages that are typical of the South of France: Vieussan, Ceps and Roquebrun.
Once you have passed Roquebrun, you will discover some unspoilt places as you have seen them at the beginning of the tour. Among them: rapids, caves, a water spring, a waterslide, and several beautiful beaches.

How does it work ?

The meeting point is Roquebrun.

The shuttle bus takes you to the departure point. First, you follow the bus with your car. In Vieussan, you leave your car at the place where you will spend the night, while the bus waits for you to bring you to Colombières. This way, you can leave in your car all you need for the night and the next day. You only take for your journey what you will need during the day so that you won’t be overloaded.

  1. Day 1 : Colombière-Vieussan =>11km / 4h on the water
  2. Day 2: Vieussan-Lugné=> 15km / 5h on the water

You can take your time while canoeing down and fully enjoy the river.

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